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m - make a toolbar extension Portable software for USB,youll probably need to switch to the make a toolbar extension Privilege Sets tab. The Accounts Privileges dialog box appears. If youre doing this for the first time, or create a new privilege set. Choose File - Manage - Accounts and Privileges. Open one of your existing privilege sets, setting this up is easy: In your database,custom Record Privileges Using custom record privileges you can remove the ability for a user to create or delete records for any particular table. The associated status toolbar button will disable as appropriate. Which you use is a matter make a toolbar extension of your security and user interface needs. When you do,

Note: If you have the equivalent menu commands disabled in your database, then the buttons are already disabled too. A database with locked-down user interface in 9 is just as locked down in 10. Disabling Buttons There are three ways to disable buttons in the Status toolbar (not all apply to all buttons). You can.

FileMaker 10s most visible new feature is the completely redesigned Status toolbar (formerly called the Status area). Perhaps because of its prominent position, or.

To disable any of these buttons you can disable a particular view on a per-layout basis. For instance, your Customer List layout only makes sense in List view, so turn off Form and Table views. This is super easy. In Layout mode, choose Layouts - Layout Setup, switch to the Views tab, and uncheck the.

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Heres how to express your authority and keep the Status toolbar buttons: From the File Menu, choose Manage - Custom Menus. The (quite complex) Manage Custom Menus dialog box appears. This is grand central station for every menu command FileMaker can muster. Note: In this example, youll use the Custom Menu Set 1 menu set.

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At first this might seem nuts. After all, many of you have special buttons on your layouts specifically for record creation and deletion, and you certainly dont want people willy-nilly switching layouts to the wrong view, confusing themselves in the process. But it turns out you have more control over these buttons than most people.

by extension, if youre a fan of taunting your users with permanently-out-of-reach temptation. But why not take it make a toolbar extension a step further. Renaming and Redefining Buttons Disabling buttons is all well and good, embrace those buttons and make them do your dirty work. Taking control of the toolbar buttons requires use of custom menus (and,)youre now back in the Manage Custom Menus make a toolbar extension dialog box. Just make sure you keep Command set to Delete Record so FileMaker knows youre adjusting behavior for the delete action. From the Default menu set for this file pop-up menu, click OK to close the Edit Custom Menu dialog box.youll discover that you can make gross restrictions to the menu commands your users get: If you switch to Editing Only or Minimal, for cases like this, if you revisit the Privilege Sets tab of the Manage - Account Privileges dialog box, the easiest make a toolbar extension solution is to restrict menu access.

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If you want, turn on the Title checkbox, click its associated Specify button, and enter a calculation to determine the menu title. For instance, you might decide you want your menu called New Customer, Create Record, or Pi Random. Ok, probably not the last one, but the point is, you can use all the power.

We discuss this in more detail here. To get these buttons to run your own script, just override the View as Form, View as List, and View as Table commands using custom menus. Youll find them in the View Copy menu if you use the built in custom menu set. To Infinity and Beyond Combining.

This is the key to this entire technique. This menu item is associated with the New Record command, which is a core command in FileMaker. When you adjust the behavior of the menu item associated with the New Record command, you also modify the behavior of the New Record button. Turn on the Action checkbox.

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FileMaker 10 s most visible new feature is the completely redesigned Status toolbar (formerly called the Status area ). Perhaps because of its prominent position, or because it is such a striking departure from a 20-year FileMaker mainstay, this change has been met with its fair share of controversy. In this article well show you.
This power feature is only available in FileMaker Pro Advanced, and gives you almost complete control of the menus, sub-menus, and commands your users see when they use your database. Youll see some step-by-step instructions for using custom menus at the end of this article. For now, it will suffice to say that if you.
This is the copy of the usual Records menu, where the New Record and Delete Record commands live. With the menu selected, click Edit. The Edit Custom Menu dialog box appears. On the left side, you see all the menu items in this menu. Select the New Record menu item. When you select a menu.

click OK once more to close this windows 7 custom toolbar safari dialog box. If all went well, the New Record make a toolbar extension and Delete Record buttons in the Status toolbar now bend to your will. Now youre ready to test your changes.